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Reviewer: janeways (Signed)
23/03/12 - 02:20 am

YES!!!! Oh, God, YES!!! That's what I was saying as I reached the end of this story. I'm enjoying your stories for the 2nd night now, and I loved this one! Very nice idea on how to resolve that awful mistake of C/7. I'm really liking what I'm seeing here written by you, I hope you will write some new ones soon. :) 

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Reviewer: Rei (Anonymous)
17/10/10 - 08:26 am
I loved it! I loved it! I've read it a few times now, and wow.
Chapter 1
Reviewer: Lexi (Anonymous)
29/09/09 - 01:15 am
I like this story very much.  I think the characterization is great and the prose is lovely.  My only thought is that the ending is a little too abrupt.  I agree that Kathryn should forgive him easily on the one hand but on the other...dude, if the person I'd been in love with for years let me wallow in misery for months before trying to correct matters, I'd be really hurt.  I couldn't tell from your story whether Seven's "revelation" was a recent thing or not.  I hope it was intended to be.
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Reviewer: Molly (Anonymous)
23/05/09 - 07:40 pm
Just read your story and totally enjoyed it. You did a great job, kept the characters true, even timing and atmosphere. As I neared the end, I wondered how you could resolve it with grace, but you sure did. Thanks for a wonderful read!
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Reviewer: Hazmat (Signed)
26/02/09 - 05:24 pm
Amazing story!  I really enjoye it!  Wonderful ending!  I like the explaination that Kathryn got about the reason for the relationship!  What part of Canada did she move to?  By the way, I love your penname!
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Reviewer: Peanut (Anonymous)
10/01/09 - 07:08 pm

I enjoyed it. Thanks for writing it.

I look forward to reading more of your work!

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Reviewer: Amy (Anonymous)
07/01/09 - 06:07 pm
This is brilliant. This is the conclusion to Endgame that everyone wanted- Paramount could have their cake and now the fans can have theirs!
Chapter 1
Reviewer: admin (Signed)
07/01/09 - 07:14 am
Great work, CF. Endgame fixeruppers are my favourites. Fantastic story that I couldn't stop reading.
Chapter 1
Reviewer: (Anonymous)
07/01/09 - 02:51 am

I should have written you before as I have enjoyed all your stories, and I am sure it feels good to know that you have entertained a stranger for a short while.  Your writing is excellent, your characterizations realistic, and ideas original.  I look forward to many more stories to come.

Thank you!






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