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Reviewer: katelilith (Anonymous)
02/04/09 - 07:18 pm
Your stories are all so devastatingly wonderful. Please write more soon :D
Reviewer: Andrea (Anonymous)
16/03/09 - 02:42 am
Good story, and well written. a few minor spelling/grammar errors, but no big deal. i would love to see a morning after piece to accompany this.
Reviewer: STVDWTWSJARHfan (Anonymous)
04/03/09 - 03:19 pm
Some of your spelling and grammer is a bit off... site instead of sight for example, and sometimes it was a bit hard to read as the paragraphs were all bunched up, but I don't know if that was because of uploading onto pathfinder. But otherwise a very satisfying read.
Reviewer: Sue (Anonymous)
04/03/09 - 07:02 am

Hey! Welcome to Pathfinder.

It's always fantastic to see new fic here and it's great that you've posted. Post Endgame fics are my favourites!

I enjoyed this very much. Thanks for sharing.

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