Reviews For Bahamian Nights

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Reviewer: Laura (Anonymous)
09/09/16 - 04:41 am
Heck, if they were married that early, they'd have to be worrying about the adultery regs as well!
Chapter 5
Reviewer: missscifi01 (Signed)
09/10/12 - 01:13 pm
loved this story the unknown union of the two was pure genious shame about the ending it didnt seem to finish as there was a build up to the gala but was no resolution or closure

Author's Response: I'm glad you enjoyed this :) You may be interested in the sequel In A Sentimental Mood. 
Chapter 6
Reviewer: Kimberly (Anonymous)
19/10/10 - 02:58 am
I love your story. I come back once in a while just to read it again. Your other stories are just as great. You are a really great writer. Your stories are fantastic!!! GOOD JOB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Author's Response: Thanks Kimberly! This was one of my earlier stories. I pleased your still enjoying it. :)
Chapter 6
Reviewer: Andrea (Anonymous)
12/03/09 - 04:21 am

Breathtaking and beautiful story. thanks for sharing.


Author's Response: Thanks :)
Chapter 6
Reviewer: STVDWSJATWRHfan (Anonymous)
11/03/09 - 04:02 pm
It was a very good story and totally believable. Could you please add a final chapter where Kathryn and Chakotay meet everyone... You never read about Kathryn meeting Sekaya (Chakotay's sister) and it would be nice to see that. However the tatoo bit- on the cover of the Spiritwalk novels the reader sees Sekaya with a matching tatoo to Chakotay's in the same place. 

Author's Response:

Thank you for responding. I was trying to go for realism glad to know I stayed the course. The additional chapter is a great idea! I'll have to brainstorm on that. As for the tattoo -- I struggled with that. But my muse wouldn't let me type it any other way - so I'll just chalked it up to potetic license :) But if I get a lot of push back I may go back to ammend that section of the story. Thanks again for the feedback.

Chapter 6
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