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Reviewer: STVDWSJATWRHfan (Signed)
25/03/09 - 08:47 pm
Ooh I loved the twist... with KJ being P, but the first chapter and her reaction didn't quite make sense... wouldn't she of recognised Chakotay from his taste and vice versa? They had always been able to sense each other...

Author's Response:

I'm glad you got that, I wonder if it was too subtle a twist ;) As for the first chapter K knew it was C that's why she didn't alert security but she didn't necessary feel comformtable with a public romping.  Thanks again for the feedback, it's extemely welcome.

While No One Was Watching
Reviewer: Andrea (Anonymous)
25/03/09 - 04:38 pm
wow. i could not believe the way this one ended. great story. thanks for continuing.

Author's Response: Thank you,I'm so glad you enjoyed the story :)
Phoenix Rising
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