Reviews For A Dream Deferred

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Reviewer: Brandi (Anonymous)
17/09/15 - 01:09 am
I loved this story. It had a little bit of everything.
Reviewer: spacerosie1 (Signed)
01/02/13 - 05:33 pm
loved this:) the whole thing was brill and the ending made me smile, thank you:)
Reviewer: mab13j (Anonymous)
16/06/10 - 06:58 pm



Chapter 3
Reviewer: mab13j (Anonymous)
16/06/10 - 05:19 pm

Just started this and am enjoying it thoroughly.  So well-written and characterized.  However, one question:  shouldn't the rights of the father have been considered, even if ignored?  Even if KJ tried to reject that, wouldn't The Doctor's ethical guidelines make her at least address the father's RIGHT to know?

Off to read more.  Thanx for this!


Author's Response:


Hi Margaret,

I went back and forward with that, but to help the plot decided to compromise and allow him to contact the father only in case of an emergency. I figured I could blame that on Doctor/Patient confidentiality - in KJ's favor of course ;)

Thank you so much for reviewing this, I was starting to worry. I'm glad your enjoying the tale! 


Chapter 2
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