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Reviewer: Cheshire (Anonymous)
18/10/10 - 02:57 pm
Yay!!  A lovely happy ending and what Patterson doesn't know what hurt him ;)  Well done!
Chapter 20
Reviewer: Cheshire (Anonymous)
18/10/10 - 02:54 pm
As painful as it is I'm very happy to see that you didn't just make it all magically go away.  There'd be repercussions and I like seeing how you  portrayed them.
Chapter 19
Reviewer: Cheshire (Anonymous)
18/10/10 - 02:37 pm
You do action incredibly well!  Another rip roaring chapter!

Author's Response: Thank you, usually action scenes are what take me the longest to convey. But this time around the action sequences flowed faster than I could type in some instances. Thanks for the reviews they're food for the Muse. :)
Chapter 17
Reviewer: Cheshire (Anonymous)
18/10/10 - 02:20 pm
*sniff* Sooo good. And Chak is forgiven though I'm still expecting fireworks at some point ;)
Chapter 15
Reviewer: Cheshire (Anonymous)
18/10/10 - 02:11 pm
This is so full of heartache and intrigue it's making me crazy.  It just keeps getting better and better.  Chak's reaction to her is intriguing.  I can't decide if I pity him or want to smack him.  And my word, I'm worried about Kathryn.
Chapter 14
Reviewer: Cheshire (Anonymous)
18/10/10 - 01:52 pm
Excellent chapter! Great action!  Loved seeing her give as good as she was getting!  Wildcat indeed!  
Chapter 12
Reviewer: Anonymous (Anonymous)
17/10/10 - 07:36 pm
I didn't think that this fic would be my cup of tea, but I was pleasently surprised:) I loved it!

Author's Response: Firstly, thanks for giving it a go. and Secondly, I so pleased you enjoyed it!
Chapter 1
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