Reviews For Orchestrated Chaos

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Reviewer: Major_Ryan (Anonymous)
18/05/11 - 05:30 am
This story is fantastic. I loved how you squeezed so many episodes in one fic. The whole chat discussions were very captivating. How you twisted the protocol issue was genius. Very in character and very hot!. Glad to spend my day off reading this treasure.....Fab!!!!
Chapter 1
Reviewer: Frazzled (Anonymous)
25/01/11 - 01:30 am

Wow Nyah! Amazing!

 IT's 230 am here but I had to finish reading, I loved the intrigue! So glad it was the right girl ;-)

 Very hot too. Boy can you write!

Author's Response:


I'm thrilled the intrigue was able to translate so well.

**blush** Aww...shucks. Thanks ;) 

Chapter 1
Reviewer: Oparu (Anonymous)
24/01/11 - 11:51 am

*wipes steam of computer screen*


that was hot!! and amusing, lots of lovely tension there, and a very clever Tom. points for him. (and you dear!! well done!!)

Chapter 1
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