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Reviewer: Jean (Anonymous)
09/03/16 - 04:32 pm
I agree with Loretta, Love the story, but really 5 years out and Kathryn does not have a life.  That is not the JaneWay.  She is a survivor.
Chapter 1
Reviewer: Anonymous (Anonymous)
14/09/11 - 06:03 pm


I really, really enjoyed this story. This is a truely wonderful read, it is very natural and very believable. I really enjoyed the glimpse of KJ and B'Elanna's friendship. Kudos kiddo.

Chapter 1
Reviewer: Loretta (Anonymous)
12/09/11 - 05:45 pm

I did enjoy the story.  It was very well written.  I would of, however, liked to have seen Kathryn with a more balanced and fulfilling personal life after Chakotay chose Seven.  I have never thought of her as sitting on a shelf waiting.  Even though she feels things very deeply, I believe that she would have gotten over her feeling for Chakotay after he chose Seven.  If she could come to grips with Justin’s death, a man who was literally her knight in shining armor.  He did after all rescue her from the Cardassians.  She should have been able to get over Chakotay, a man who turned from her to embrace a former Borg Drone.  I can see Kathryn keeping him as a friend.  But, he should of had to work a bit harder to become more than that.  Kathryn is not the consolation prize, she is the first place trophy.

Chapter 6
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