Reviews For Old Regrets

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Reviewer: MOlly (Anonymous)
23/05/09 - 07:49 pm
OH, well done!! It wasn't until after he said can we do this over, she said she'd like that, then he said "My wife..." that it dawned on me he was Mark. Very nice!!
Chapter 1
Reviewer: Hazmat (Signed)
26/02/09 - 05:36 pm
Great story!  I really enjoyed it!  The beginning was very intense and I kept thinking if that was the attitude that the Admiral had to deal with for the remainder of her trip it was no wonder that she wanted to get them back sooner, so she could avoid that kind of hostility.  Then I found out it was Mark she was talking to and I couldn't help but smile.  Amazing story!
Chapter 1
Reviewer: Andrea (Anonymous)
19/02/09 - 06:41 pm
Beautiful and perfectly written.
Chapter 1
Reviewer: splv (Anonymous)
24/09/08 - 01:21 am
Very nice CF. You made Mark so real. It would have been hard for him as well and you expressed that so well.

Author's Response: Thank you. I'm glad you liked it, esp since Dawn thought you wrote it! lol
Chapter 1
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