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Disclaimer: All Voyager characters are the property of Paramount, thus no copyright infringement is intended. The plot belongs to me. I'm not getting paid for this by any means, I'm just a rookie author stretching my wings :)

Lately they seemed to keep missing one another. Either she was away on a diplomatic cruise or he was away over seeing a new dig site for months at a time. The couple had kept in contact via subspace vid calls and on occasion a hand written note. For both of them to have the same period of time on Earth was rare and Kathryn had grown frustrated. So, she came up with the idea of a night on the town in New York as a weekend getaway.


It had been a busy year after Voyagers return to the Alpha Quadrant and her work load seemed to finally be leveling off. She told Owen Paris upfront when he offered the rank of Admiral that she did not intend on just pushing paper about; she wanted an active roll in whatever her assignments may be. So, far he had not disappointed. She had been front and center for the majority of every diplomatic peace corp mission that had come up. She found enjoyment in her work but found she missed spending time Chakotay more.


He came to see Kathryn three months after their return to tell her that he and Seven had broken up; he'd come to ask her forgiveness for not waiting as he had promised. Kathryn admitted that his dating Seven had hurt her deeply but all she ever wanted was for him to be happy; even at the expense of her own happiness. She told him there quite simply, there was nothing to forgive. So when their schedules allowed they meet for lunch or dinner or coffee to catch up with one another. They would often discuss each others latest mission, historic dig, or the crews latest antics; more specifically Tom, Harry and B'elanna. He would ask about her Mother and Sister; she about his sister and the restoration on Dorvan.


So, it was nine months later that Chakotay found himself attending a play with Kathryn in New York City. He enjoyed the performance, but he enjoyed his time just being with Kathryn more. However, Chakotay was frustrated with the lack of progress in their relationship, as they had been 'dating' officially for nine months -- not counting the seven years he spent courting her in the Delta Quadrant. Truth be told he wasn't merely frustrated, he was sexually frustrated. Had they been able to remain on the planet; hell in the same quadrant at the same time Chakotay had no doubt that they would've been closer sexually than they were right now. At the moment Kathryn would allow kisses, stolen caresses, even a grope now and then but she stopped them every time things seemed about to progress further. For Chakotay it was maddening.


"That was a great performance, don't you think Chakotay?" Kathryn's voice brought him out of his thoughts as they enjoyed dinner in the city.


"Yes, it was" he answered distractedly.


The source of his distraction being Kathryn herself. The woman was beautiful and she clearly made an effort to please him tonight. She had picked one his favorite plays, set reservations for one his favorite restaurants, and the hotel she booked sat in the historic section of the busy city. Clearly everything this weekend catered to his preferences. Save one, he thought ironically.


"You seem distracted Chakotay, is everything okay" Kathryn asked absentmindedly stroking her exposed collarbone with elegant fingers.


Chakotay had to steady his breathing at the sight, damn she was a good tease. The stroking movement brought his attention to her dress or the cut of the dress more precisely. Kathryn had opted for a backless midnight blue floor length gown, with a long slit up one leg. She opted to wear her hair in updo which brought his attention to the graceful curve of her neck. The scoop neckline showcased the diamond necklace she wore, before the bodice of the dress stretched tightly across her chest. He found his eyes clued to her décolletage and felt himself start to harden as he watched the back and forth movement of her fingers; the rise and fall of her chest as she breathed.


"Chakotay?" Kathryn stretched over the table to touch his hand lightly, "Chakotay?"


He closed his eyes from the sight of her, when she leaned to touch his hand he got an even clearer view her pale flesh. He turned his hand over hers and began to pull her up.


"Dance with me" he said and lead her to the dance floor.


Kathryn knew exactly what she was doing and she hid a small smile behind him as he lead them to the dance floor. She hadn't want to jump into bed with Chakotay at the start of their relationship, because she needed to be sure that she wasn't just a rebound fuck to him. So she made him wait, she allowed him to get to first base, second base, and once even to third. But she always stopped them before they tumbled into bed. At first she hadn't been sure if that was the best idea but after speaking with Chakotay's sister and having Sekkaya's 'blessing' Kathryn slowly began to torture the man she loved.


She knew he was frustrated, hell she was frustrated truth be told but it was all for a good cause. She smiled to herself again as she felt him twirl her out and then back into his close embrace. Kathryn could almost loose herself in the feel of him, the feel of his hands as they traveled down the expanse of her bare back finally to settle on her waist. Before she caught herself, a low moan whispered from her throat at the feel of him gripping her hips closer to his. Her arms rose to snake up his chest and around his shoulders, her fingers ever so lightly stroking the nape of his neck.


Chakotay sucked in a breath through his teeth, he hadn't been thinking straight when he asked her to dance. If looking at her from across the table and been difficult, the feel of her supple body flush against him was torture. He hadn't been able to resist stroking her back; Kathryn had a sexy back. And before he knew it he had gripped her hips and pulled her closer, the moan he heard come from her combined with the way she was stroking his neck was starting to make him harden again. She wasn't stopping his caresses and she didn't back away while they danced, so Chakotay took a risk and bent his head to nibble her ear. He knew she had a sensitive spot just above her neck and he was in the perfect position to exploit that weakness. As he nippled he heard a quiet gasp and smiled as she arched her neck to the side to grant him further access. He kissed her there and let his breath hover the dampness left behind, while sliding his hands up and down her back.


Kathryn caught herself gasp again at the feel his breath on her neck, the warmth of his hands sliding seductively down her back. God, she had completely forgotten her surroundings and leaned back a bit to glance around the room. It would be just her luck to have some snap happy reporter catch this on camera, but she didn't see anyone taking notice of her and Chakotay. Kathryn dragged her eyes up to his and she could see just how badly he wanted her; if his eyes weren't an indication then his extremely tight grip on her hips was plenty. She saw it when it happened. Chakotay had decided on some course action regarding their current predicament. Kathryn saw his eyes spark right before he kissed her possessively on the dance floor.


He leaned her back slightly causing her breasts to push more fully into his chest and her hips to fit snugly against his. He was staking his claim, she thought to herself, as he eased them out of the kiss and eased her to an upright position. Kathryn took her thumb and forefinger to wipe the smear of lipstick off his lips and she could see the devilment in Chakotay's eyes as he sucked her forefinger into his mouth, the action just about made her knees give way. But she simply leaned further into him and in husky whisper demanded "Take me home. Now!" Slowly she backed away from him and turned to walk off the dance floor. Kathryn knew she had shocked him and was teasing him further by walking away from him instead backing away, which would have shielded the expanse of her bare back from his view. Chakotay came to his senses just before she reached their table.


'She never ceases to amazing me' Chakotay thought to himself as he watched Kathryn sashay off the dance floor. Her hips moved fluidly but held a slightly exaggerated swing to them. She was a good eight paces in front of him before he caught up with her letting his fingertips glide up and down her spine, then allowing the full weight of his palm caress the small of her back as he guided her through the sea of tables. By some miracle Chakotay was able to keep his hands off of her during the walk back to the hotel, he knew if he touched her he would take her in some dark alleyway or on the grass in the park. He had waited seven, almost eight years he could manage the fifteen minute walk back to their suite.


Chakotay managed to keep his hands to himself until they were in the lift. Once the heavy doors slide shut he was on her, backing Kathryn into the wall, kissing her savagely while his hand stroked her thigh through the slit in her dress, he'd just pulled her exposed thigh around his hip when the lift began to slow. Chakotay lowered her leg and pushed away from her to compose himself before he looked back at her. Kathryn was slouched against the wall, her skin flushed, her breathing was closer to panting, and her eyes bore into him with the intensity of a jaguar. He almost pounced her again when she licked her lips while eying his crotch.


The lift finally arrived at their floor and as Kathryn pushed herself off the wall and stepped into the corridor she was surprised that her legs actually held her up. She felt Chakotay stroking her back and nibbling at the base of her neck while she tried to key the code in the door to their suite. She gave a low rumble of a moan when she felt him push her against the door while letting his hand slide into her dress from behind to cup one of her breasts. She pushed her ass back against him briefly before returning her attention to keying in the door code. When Kathryn finally got the door open she all but fell across the threshold when she felt Chakotay grab her around the waist from behind as she heard him kick the door shut. She had enough time to turn before he pinned her against the wall kissing her senseless.


Chakotay ground his erection into her while lifting her leg up around his hip again, he continued to stroke up and down her exposed thigh inching higher with each stroke until his fingertips grazed her sex; his free hand kneaded her breasts and tweaked her nipples.


As Kathryn eased them out the kiss and away from the wall, she began to undo his tie and slip the buttons loose on his shirt, kissing him while she worked his shirt off his shoulders. Chakotay's hands slide up her side to the zipper of the dress and slowly began to lower it, she stepped away from him for a moment to let the weight of the dress pool around her ankles. She watched Chakotay's eyes rake over her body as she stood before him in only her panties and stilettos. For a moment the look in his eyes paralyzed her but she was able to command her body to step back in front him.


Her movement must have brought Chakotay back from wherever he had gone because she watched him lift the back of his hand to trace her bare collarbone. Kathryn felt herself arch into his touch and then his lips as they followed the same path his fingertips had moments before. She could feel the heat of his hands all over her, up and down her sides, cupping her breasts, stroking her back and waist. Kathryn was finding it difficult to breathe and felt her self being steered backward again. She realized belatedly that Chakotay was walking her back towards the bed and then she was falling into the softness of the bed covers.


She raised up into a sitting position and began to open the fasteners of his trousers, allowing long fingers to stroke his length as she lowered the zipper and pushed the fabric down his legs. Kathryn leaned forward and let her tongue run the length of him from tip to base. She heard him groan as his fingers slipped into her hair, taking the pins out to let her tresses fall around her shoulders. She leaned in again to repeat the action, this time taking his length in her palm to raise him slightly as she licked the underside of his erection.


The site before him had to be the most erotic thing he'd ever experienced. Here was Kathryn Janeway with her face between his legs and his penis almost between her lips. Chakotay looked down at her to watch her palm his length and slide her tongue along the underside of his penis. He had to close his eyes at feel of her encasing him, sucking him in and out of her wet mouth. He felt her take him as far she could before she sucked her cheeks together and let him loose with a long wet *pop*.


She leaned forward to take him in her mouth again and this time she increased her tempo and began to pump his length with her palm. Chakotay's grip in her hair tighten around his fist as he pulled her away from him, He wouldn't last if she kept doing that. He watched her lick him again catching his precum on her tongue before she looked up and smiled a saucy grin. Chakotay pulled her hair back again forcing her neck to arch as he began to nippled the sensitive spot there. He eased them into a reclining position on the bed and began to spread kissed down her neck, across her breasts, and down her belly. He let his fingertips hook into the side of her panties and felt her raise her hips to help him remove the garment.


Chakotay kept up his assault on her senses, beginning to kiss down the inside of her legs as he slide her underwear off. Cupping her ankle he slide her shoe off, raising her leg to kiss and lick the inside of her ankle. He lowered her leg and began the same action on her other ankle as before, this time caressing her calf on his way back up the bed. Chakotay heard Kathryn's gasp and watched her hips buck when he blew hot air across her sex. Smiling to himself at her reaction, he leaned forward and began to lick and nibble her outer lips before he spread her labia and dipped his tongue into her vagina. Kathryn bucked against his mouth at this action and he had to hold her down across her belly to keep her still.


Chakotay took his time licking and lapping her nectar, listening to the little kitten noises she was making and suddenly he wanted to see her. Chakotay watched as Kathryn played with her nipples and arched her back. Damn she was sexy, he sucked her clit between his teeth before leaving her sex, moving up to kiss her mouth. He hovered above for her for a few moments and then sank on top her as he continued to kiss her. His hand skiming up her sides and up to her breasts.


Kathryn hadn't been able to stop her reaction when Chakotay's breath caressed her pussy, especially not with the way he was licking at her and forcing her clit between his teeth. She felt him leave her pussy and then she was tasting herself from his lips. Chakotay forced his tongue in her mouth mimicking the way he'd forced his tongue into womanhood. His hands began to skim up her side to her breast and she felt his muscled thigh push between her parted legs and began to rub her self against him. Kathryn felt his weight settle more on top her as he ground his length against her. She was getting lightheaded and found that she was having trouble breathing, thats when she realized they were still kissing.


Kathryn broke the kiss and began to kiss her way across his cheeks toward his ear. She nibbled for a moment and then nipped his earlobe with her teeth, she felt him buck against with that action and smiled to herself. Sensing his urgency she raised her legs around his hips to cradle him between her spread thighs. Chakotay's hand slid up her arms forcing them above her head until he held both her wrists with one hand as he rubbed his penis in the moisture her swollen pussy had produced, she moaned loudly at the feel him thrusting inside of her. Kathryn arched her back at the feel him so firmly embedded, gloriously thick and long inside her; stretching her tissues, filling her womb. The feeling was almost too much and she felt Chakotay lean off her a bit as she arched further, moaning and panting open mouthed as he began to increase the pace. She matched him stroke for stroke as Chakotay continued to grip her wrists as he leaned down grunting, moaning in her ear while he rocked inside her.


The friction was building tighter and tighter, faster and harder causing her chest to heave in an attempt to draw in more air. She could see them in her minds eye, both their bodies sweat soaked and limbs tangled, him holding her by her wrists as she arched her back while he rammed in and out her spread thighs, the two of them grinding against each other. Kathryn could feel her orgasm just off the horizon and she could tell Chakotay was close because his pace became more frenzied, harder, rougher even. She closed her eyes and concentrated on moving her hips as her clit ground against his pubis bone. Unexpectedly her breathe hitched violently and she found herself gulping for air as he lifted her legs up and over his shoulders and began to pound into her again. Just before she was about to go over the edge she faintly heard him whispering to her and it took all her concentration to listen to him.


Chakotay could tell Kathryn was about to orgasm and he wanted to see her when she came undone. He wanted to see her eyes as her orgasm ripped through her body. He maintained his hold on her wrists as he lifted her legs up and over his shoulder, continuing to pounded into her wet pussy; he reveled at the sight of her so open and yet she allowed him to control her, to command her in this fashion.


Chakotay's heard Kathryn's breathe hitch and leaned closer above her almost bending her double in this new position. He lowered his lips to her ear and whispered "Open you eyes, Kathryn" he saw her brow furrow as she shook her head from side to side; he repeated himself and again her eyes remained closed. Chakotay increased his grip around her wrists and leaned back a bit before commanding Kathryn, "Open you eyes! Look at me Kathryn, I want see you when you cum. I want to see your eyes when you scream my name." He shook her slightly as he rammed against cervix, the action having the desired effect as her eyes shot wide open at the sensation. He gripped her waist and began to hammer into her pussy as she stared at him with hazy vision. Chakotay watched her dig her nails into his hands and arch completely off the mattress as his name was ripped from her throat. He continued to ravish her battered pussy until finally he flooded her womb with his semen.


Spent he collapsed on top of her, cradled between her open thighs, he felt her kiss his temple and stroke her fingers through his sweat soaked hair. When his breathing calmed he raised himself to move off her but Kathryn locked her legs around him to keep in place.


"Don't go yet, stay like this for a few minutes more" she relished in the feel of his solid body against hers.


Chakotay rolled them so that Kathryn was laying atop his chest, stroking her hair from her face, "Not that I mind of course--but why tonight? Why not weeks, months ago?" he questioned her as she crossed her arms over his chest to look at him.


"I love you Chakotay, but I had to be sure. Do you understand? I had to be sure that it was Kathryn you wanted. Not the Captain, not Admiral Janeway but me." her eyes begged him to understand, begged him not to break her heart.


"You wanted to be sure that I wasn't using you as a safety net, as a rebound" comprehension dawning as he watched the play of emotions in her eyes. He leaned up to her kiss her "I love you too Kathryn, and I would never use you in such a manner."


"That's what my heart told me" she mumbled against his lips.


"But your head told to "approach with caution"?" he leaned back to watch her.


"Hmm-mmm" she hummed as she settled more fully atop his chest, her fingers stroking the skin beneath her cheek.


"I'm never letting you go Kathryn, you know that don't you?" Chakotay kissed her hair and stroked the expanse of her back.


"I'd be sorely disappointed if you did" he felt her smile against his chest before she kissed him there.


After a while he rolled to them to the side and gathered her in his arms and they both drifted into a sated sleep.


Chapter End Notes:

This is my first posted piece of fanfic and any errors found are mine alone.  Postive critiscm is always welcomed.

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