Story Notes:
Rating: NC17 – for language and extreme sexual situations,


Later that evening as the various guests and dignitaries were leaving Chakotay took a moment to observed the various exhibits the museum had on display for the Welcome Home gala.  The majority of the museum was closed off thus the only exhibits available where those featured on the main floor. He took in the various sculptures, paintings, rugs and masks in the vicinity while making  a mental map of the level, something he always did when visiting new places.


Kathryn excused herself from her conversation with Tal Celes and Harry Kim to cross the short distance toward the outer corridor where she had seen Chakotay a few moments ago.  When she finally made it out into the corridor, after having been delayed briefly by the Doctor, she could no longer see him in the direct vicinity.  She began to weave her way through the exhibits in an attempt to locate him; the loud music and chatter of the gala had grown soft, almost to a whisper with the distance she'd traveled and she still she had not been able locate to him.


She finally saw the back of him as he observed an oil painting on the far wall but before she could approach her husband she was suddenly grabbed from behind.


A heavy bicep wrapped around her torso effectively pinning her arms to her sides. She was silenced when a large hand covered her mouth as her assailant dragged her backwards roughly. He was moving too quickly, so quickly she couldn't keep her footing on the marble floor, her feet sliding in the stilettos she wore caused her legs to flail helplessly.  She was dragged toward the dimly lit south entrance of the level past the opposite entry way where the gala was being held. As he continued to drag her backwards she made a small noise in an attempt to draw attention to them through the doorway where she could see Tom and B'Elanna speaking with her Mother.  Her abductor stopped and allowed her to see her loved ones from the dark shadows that hid them from view before whispering hotly "I wouldn't do that if I were you Captain" then he jerked her backwards continuing down the hallway and around the corner until they came to another darken area of the main floor.


She was barely able to brace herself with her hands before the man pushed her hard against the wall. One hand on her back held her securely to the wall while his other roughly roamed over her breasts, hips, and up the inside of her legs, as if he were searching for something. His hand stopped on her upper right thigh and she felt the fabric give way under her dress.


The man was back in her ear "Ever the Starfleet officer, who would've thought you, had a military blade between your legs Captain?"


"What do you want?" she asked harshly as she tried to ease the pressure on her chest.


"You didn't honestly think that I wouldn't come did you? You owe me Madame Captain." Her abductor continued to speak in low tones as to not cause an echo in the empty hallway. "And I've come to collect" he pressed her more firmly against the wall with his hips trapping her legs to prevent her kicking back at him.


"We agreed to settle up after the gala, not during!" She hissed.


"We did, but I don't want to wait for payment any longer Captain. And after seeing you in this dress the terms of payment have changed" the man slid a rough hand up her side to cup a breast.


"You... You can't be serious! If you think for one moment that I'd--" she was cut off when he squeezed her breast ruthlessly causing her to hiss in pain.


"You will agree to my terms Captain. You didn't think the Maquis came cheaply did you? I told you when we entered into this agreement I'd make sure they came out okay and in return you'd satisfy my demand for compensation. I'd say I've done my part. Now it's time for you to pay up." He pressed his erection firmly between her buttocks.


Her mind was racing, he couldn't seriously mean now. Not in this manner, not with her Mother and half the Admiralty less than 40 feet away.


She felt his right hand dip into the front of her gown to cup a naked breast while his left hand slipped through the slit of her dress on her hip; his fingers tweaked her nipple and his left hand roughly stroked the inside of her thigh. Gawd this could not be happening. Not here, not now, not to her.  She felt him rock his hips against her ass causing the dress to ride up a bit and the slit to fall open wider. He began to nip her neck just behind her right ear, Not there, please not there she thought to herself. She wasn't worried about loosing herself in the throws passion but rather that Chakotay favored that spot on her neck and would notice a mark he himself had not left. He nipped her again and this time she whispered her plea out loud.


"Please not there" she pleaded and she turned her head in the opposite direction as she shut her eyes tightly.


"Alright, I get it HE prefers that spot" he laughed harshly in her ear as he pulled up the back of her dress and gathered the hem on her hip. Exposing the smooth skin of her buttocks she just barely hid in the low cut backless gown. She heard him lower the zipper on his trousers and squirmed a bit belatedly trying to get away. His right hand moved down across her ribcage and pulled her tightly back against him.


"Don't move bitch. Don't move and this won't hurt", she kept still even though her mind screamed for Chakotay.


She felt him finger her sex roughly and lowered her head in shame thinking of what he'd find, albeit the result of which was not produced by him or his current actions.


"You're all wet Captain. Must have been that grinding I watched you do with your pet Maquis on the dance floor." he laughed harshly as he thrust two thick digits into her womanhood.  "You're all hot and sticky; I bet you're good fuck. You let him turn you into Maquis whore didn't you? You were in his bed day one keeping him and the Maquis in line with your pussy, weren't you bitch." he taunted her as he pressed his erection against her buttocks; he kicked her legs further apart before violently thrusting into her womanhood.


The invasion caused Kathryn to shriek slightly bringing her assailant's attention back to woman he was currently violating. He thrust into her roughly once more, "Shut up! If you don't want your husband to come around that corner to see his wife being fucked up against a wall, shut the hell up" he hissed in her ear.  


Kathryn tried to focus on her breathing; she tried to remove herself from the situation mentally but failed horribly. All she could think was this cannot be happening.  Somewhere in the back of her mind during the assault on her body she realized she couldn't afford to make even the slightest noise in this empty corridor. Security was still on watch and they had rounds they needed to make on a hourly basis; at some point someone was going to come down this darken hallway to conduct a security sweep. Gawd she hoped he would leave her before then.


He was grunting lewd and obscene taunts in her ear as he pumped in and out of her. She thanked the Spirits she had been dancing so closely with Chakotay, had she not her abductors invasion of her body would've been extremely painful. The torment seemed to go on forever, and then she felt him faltering and his thrusts became more jagged.  Suddenly he pulled out of her and whipped her around to face him before shoving her to the cold ground. He gripped her jaw forcing her mouth open and promptly rammed his cock down her throat. He held her head as he moved his penis back and forth in her mouth, thrusting forward sharply until she was gagging and he saw tears in her eyes.


"At this moment you're not a respected Starfleet Captain, you're not a beloved wife, quite simply at this moment you're nothing but a whore on her knees." he rasped as he continued to hold her head while he forcibly thrust his cock further down her throat. He leaned back to take his member in his hand and the other gripped her hair forcing her neck to crane backward. "Swallow bitch." he pumped his ejaculate toward her, most of his cum splattering on her face, in her hair as well as dribbling down her chin and neck but a good amount also was directed into her mouth. With her neck craned backward in such a manner Kathryn didn't have a choice but to swallow this mans seed. After jerking off the last of his ejaculate he let her head go, tucked his flaccid sticky member back into his pants then zipped and snapped his trousers shut.


"Consider your debt paid, Captain" the man laughed harshly as he disappeared down the darken corridor leaving Kathryn a quivering heap on the floor.


Long minutes later after her tears had been spent she pulled herself off the cold marble floor and went in search of a restroom. She couldn't afford to let anyone find her in this shape; there'd be no way to explain what happened and why she hadn't signaled the attention of the nearby security teams. She found a small empty washroom and secluded herself within the safe confines, locking the door as it closed behind her.  After securing the door she barely made it  to a nearby stall before losing the elaborate dinner she'd consumed not more than an hour before.  She was having trouble keeping her self up on shaky arms but finally her vomiting spell ended and she was able to drag her self off the floor.  Standing in front of the mirror she watched her own tears slide down her face to mingle with the ejaculate of her attacker.  She began to slowly scrub the putrid mess off her face and neck, careful to wash it out of her hair as well; then stood back to look at herself again.


He was smart, she'd give him that. He hadn't marked her face, had made sure that none of her exposed skin was marred in anyway. He'd even taken care not to muss her hair a great deal. The slight sloppiness of her tresses could be explained away by all the dancing and twirling she done earlier in the evening, at the very least by simply standing on the terrace for a few moments to let the wind caress her face. Her dress wasn't too badly wrinkled; most of the wrinkles present were in fact caused by prolonged sitting, so again no oblivious damage there either.  After getting her breathing under control, checking her makeup and smoothing down the sides of her gown,  Kathryn exited the small washroom on shaky legs to make her way back to the ballroom.


Entering the festivities Kathryn could tell the party was winding down; nearly everyone had left already; only fifty or so of her crew were still present. She made her way over to the bar and ordered a shot of whiskey. She noticed her hands were shaking as she took the drink from the bartender and in an effort to calm her nerves knocked the drink back in one gulp. She motioned the bartender for another and knocked that back too; she held her index finger up to indicate one more shot and after knocking that one back she placed the empty glass upside down on the bar, she nodded her head toward the bartender in thanks and made her way over to her family.


"Kathryn there you are, Chakotay just went to look for you" Phoebe informed.


"Oh?" Kathryn commented offhandedly 


"Kate? You okay? You look a little green around the gills" Phoebe noticed her sister seemed rather preoccupied.


"I'm fine. Just tired, it's been a long day" She commented "Phoebe I'm going to get some fresh air. Come get me before you and mom leave okay" Kathryn walked off toward the terrace without waiting for her sister's reply.


She was alone for ten full minutes before she sensed Chakotay behind her.


"Kat, you ready go?" he walked up behind her, caressing her shoulders lovingly and kissed the top of her head. 


She abruptly moved away from him to the far sign of the terrace. "Don't --."


"Kathryn what's wrong?" he was truly concerned; she appeared to be on the brink of tears.


"Nothings wrong, I just wanted a moment alone" she answer simply as she stared unseeingly at the horizon.


"Phoebe mentioned you weren't feeling well, are you okay?" he questioned.


"Yes, I'm fine but I'm ready to go. Can we leave now?" she turned to ask him, her eyes not quite reaching his.


"Yeah we can go. We need to let everyone know, why don't I meet you in the main hall then we can go back to the hotel." Chakotay worried at her non communication.


Kathryn nodded in agreement and carefully walked toward the main entrance as Chakotay headed back toward Phoebe and Gretchen to let them know he and Kathryn were leaving.


The ride back to the Fairmont Hotel was quiet, Chakotay could feel the tension radiating from Kathryn but she refused to speak with him. Once they returned to the suite she went to the wet bar, snatched a bottle of real  whiskey and a glass tumbler before silently disappearing into the bathroom.


After an hour Chakotay could still hear the water shower running and decided to check on his wife. The door wasn't locked and when he walked in he found the bottle of whiskey unopened and his wife naked hugging her knees as she sat under a constant spray of now cold water. He reached over and turned the tap off.


"I thought you might like to have this" he commented.


Kathryn looked up to see her military blade, still sheathed, in his outstretched hand. She shook her head once as the tears started again.


"Chakotay, I love you. I trust you with my life.  But don't you ever do something like that to me again." She looked at him with angry, hurt, shameful eyes. She let her tears fall as she continued, "I told you before I didn't feel comfortable doing that!"


"Kat, I'm sorry. When we talked I thought I'd been able to change your mind and then in the hovercar when I hinted, you didn't say ‘no'" sincere brown eyes begged her understanding.


Kathryn let her eyes slide shut and head lean back against the shower wall.


"We need a safe word Kat. That way this won't happen again" he stroked her arm and she allowed the physical contact this time.


"Butterfly, we'll use that" she let him kiss her.


"Come on you'll catch a cold sitting here like this" he helped her to her feet and wrapped her in one of the over sized bath towels the hotel supplied.


That night to make up for the roughness he'd subjected her to, Chakotay lovingly caressed and stroked Kathryn into multiple orgasms before succumbing himself. Afterward they talked about where their line of communication had broken down. The intention was never to scare Kathryn, but to simply live out a fantasy that the two of them had discussed prior to leaving the Bahamas.  He had fantasized about acting out a dark desire to control her sexually while the crew was within earshot and she admitted to secretly fantasizing once about him taking her by force.  What Kathryn hadn't counted on was Chakotay acting out what they had discussed in an actual public forum; she had assumed they would be in holosuite. Finding it difficult to sleep, Kathryn rolled over onto her side and stared out the balcony windows until she felt her eyes becoming heavy.


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