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Disclaimer: No characters belong to me. Chains of Love, however, is sung by Erasure. Paramount and CBS own everything Trek. I make no money, here, remaining poor in all but my imagination.

Title: Another Night Out
("Future's End" Episode Abomination)

Author: kneipho
Beta: N/A (Everybody ran away)
Rating: T/ PG-13
Fandom: VOY
Character/Pairing Codes: K, T

Harry and B'Elanna go dancing.

Notes: Having spent my early twenties in the San Francisco clubs; I could not resist the urge to send Voyagers dancing. I wrote this piece of nonsense originally as a J & C, but Harry and B'Elanna are better suited for it. It takes place on Earth, in Los Angeles, a la "Future's End" (in the late 1990's.)


A very special club.
A young man in heels
is dancing.
Painted cheeks flushing,
padded chest heaving,
red beaded gown flashing under artificial lighting,
"Maquis." he calls,
Come on, come out."


A tough chick steps forward.
Dark hair plastered flat
but wadded
beneath the confines
of a faux bowler,
she spins —arms flapping without a great deal of direction
the driving beat.


As the couplet gyrates
keeping precise time
to the deep
regulated noise,
stick pins jounce from place.
Flat capped, metal pins shake loose and fall down undetected.
Tucked cloth slips free
marring the look.


The sweaty chick looks down
"Starfleet." she growls. "Look
at my cuffs.
I have lost the damn pins."
The man stares ahead,
smirking, while she bends over to roll the sagging pant leg,
knowing that she's
Pretty Testy.



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